Always ready to strike with a perfect score, Team Next Level is prepared to innovate the Dance Music industry with precision, drive and passion. Built on the foundations of creativity, trust and devotion, we are a one-stop artist management company that ticks boxes in creative scripting, video projects, artist guidance and bringing concepts to life.



Blazing an inspirational trail to victory at high-speed, Hardstyle dynamo D-Sturb is the definition of a rare breed. His authentic and remarkable production skills, as well as natural on-stage persona are the fundamentals that have built this solidly cemented, full-package artist.


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A unique mix of raw sounds, screeches and catchy melodies is what E-Force is all about. 

The down-to-earth headliner continuously strives to create the ultimate party vibe in his high-energy performances and skillfully produced signature releases.



Our team consists of three long-standing music industry professionals who have expertise in both business and creative aspects of the industry. Niels Gores, Daniël Verstegen and Stan Broeksteeg are the names behind Team Next Level; a creative clique like no other.


Niels, Daniël and Stan have been active in the dance industry for a long time. All three of us have our own unique style of working which don’t just fit together but mutually reinforce each other, resulting in next level collaboration. With each of us holding our own specialty, together we aspire to accomplish the best for our artist in both business and creative aspects.


After frequently picking up projects together in the past, the first collaboration with this ‘partnership’ was D-Sturb’s 2018/2019 live-act ‘The Next Level’. Not only were the shows a huge success, but the working aspect also ran smoothly and gave us a huge boost of creative energy. This creative energy is the basis of our existence.


The name ‘Next Level’ is not only a reference to our initial collaboration, but is the goal we have in mind with our artist. We always aim for a 100% score, so we can move to the next level!




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